Enjoy the most expansive assortment of Greek food and delicacies all in one place! From the mountains of Thrace to the remote islands of the Mediterranean, we are proud to showcase most famous dishes from each corner of Greece.


Beef Dolmathes - 3 for $5.00
Tender grape leaves stuffed with seasoned ground beef and rice, simmered in lemon and chicken broth. (GS)
Vegetarian Dolmathes* - 3 for $3.00
Tender grape leaves stuffed with rice and simmered in lemon juice. (GS)
Tiropita* - $5.00
Cheese puff triangles made with a blend of cheeses, eggs, and seasonings wrapped in buttered phyllo dough.
Spanakopita* - $5.00
Phyllo dough filled with herb seasoned spinach and a blend of cheeses.
Fasolakia* - $3.00
The national dish of Greece: green beans cooked with potatoes, tomatoes, onions, herbs, olive oil, and seasonings. (GS)
Gigantes* - $4.00
Giant lima beans baked in olive oil and tomato sauce with an authentic Greek herb blend of parsley, oregano, and dill. (GS)
Horiatiki Salata* - $6.00
A definitive Greek dish: salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions, topped with Kalamata olives, Feta cheese, and olive oil. (GS)
Pilafi - $3.00
Traditional Cretan rice simmered in butter (and more butter!), chicken broth, and lemon juice. (GS)
Moussaka - $12.00
Layers of eggplant and Greek-seasoned ground beef topped with a creamy Béchamel sauce.
Pastitsio - $12.00
Bucatini style Greek noodles layered with cinnamon and clove seasoned beef, topped with a creamy Béchamel sauce.
Kota Psiti - $12.00
Baked chicken breast, marinated and basted with lemon juice, oregano, garlic, & olive oil. (GS)
Roast Lamb - $17.00
Dinner-sized portion of Greek-seasoned lamb. (GS)
Stifado Dinner - $16.00
The Greek version of comfort food! A warm, beef stew cooked for hours with sweet pearl onions in an aromatic tomato sauce.  (GS) Now served all weekend!

Saturday Special (After 4pm only)
The Old Spaghetti Factory's Spaghetti- $10.00

With browned butter and Mizithra cheese.



*Vegetarian Item
(GS) - Gluten sensitive item


Gyro - $13.00
Grilled pork or chicken slices marinated in Greek spices, wrapped in pita bread and topped with French fries, onions,
tomatoes, and tzatziki; our famous cucumber-garlic-yogurt sauce.


Saganaki* - $10.00
Kefalotiri cheese fired up with Brandy and doused with lemon, for a delicious, toasty treat.
Calamari ♦ - $12.00
Seasoned strips of crispy fried calamari. A festival favorite!
Loukaniko ♦ - $7.00
Traditional Greek sausage. (GS)
Meatballs ♦ - $7.00
8 Greek-style meatballs with lemon marinade.
Meze Platter* - $15.00
3 Veggie Dolmades, Kalamata Olives, Pita, Feta Cheese, Stuffed Cherry Peppers, Tzatziki. (GS)
Souvlaki ♦ - 1 for $7, 2 for $12
The original fast food! Delicious grilled pork or chicken, seasoned to perfection with
lemon juice, olive oil, and oregano. (GS)
Spanakopita* - $5.00
Phyllo dough filled with herb seasoned spinach and a blend of cheeses.
Tiropita* - $5.00
Cheese triangles made with a blend of cheeses, eggs, and seasonings wrapped in buttered phyllo dough.
Craft Beer - $8.00
Locally brewed draft beer. Exact brand subject to change.
Extra Tzatziki* (GS) - $1.00
Extra Pita Bread * - $1.00


*Vegetarian Item
(GS) - Gluten Sensitive Item
♦One serving of Tzatziki available upon request.


Baklava* - $4.00 each | $45/dozen
The classic Greek dessert: buttery pastry of phyllo layered with walnuts, topped with
honey steeped with cinnamon and cloves.
Galaktobouriko* - $4.00
A light milk custard filling, baked in phyllo, and sweetened with honey.
Tsourekia* - $15.00
A loaf of sweet, braided bread sprinkled with sesame seeds and baked until golden brown.
Kourambiethes* - $2.00 each | $22.00/dozen
Melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies, dusted with powdered sugar!
Melomakarona* - $2.00 each | $22.00/dozen
A delicious spiced cookie, baked with walnuts and butter, then dipped in honey.
Yiaourtopita* - $3.00
A slice of cake featuring yoghurt, spices, and walnuts drizzled with our honey syrup.
Koulourakia* - $1.00 each | $11.00/dozen
Crisp, braided butter cookies. A must for dunking in coffee!
Paximathia* - $1.00 each | $11.00/dozen
Twice baked; light and crisp with just a hint of anise.
Greek Yoghurt* - $5.00
Topped with baklava crumbs.
Almond Crescent* - 2 for $6.00
Our Almond Paste cookie is an instant classic!
Baklava Cheesecake* - $7.00
Cheesecake sprinkled with our great Baklava!
Kataifi* - $3.00
Baklava's cousin...a vermicelli-style shredded phyllo wrapped around a cinnamon spiced walnut
filling smothered with honey.
Combo Box* - $20.00
A mouth watering mix of 2 Kourambethes, 2 Baklava, 2 Melomakarona, and 2 Almond Crescents.


Loukoumathes* - $10.00
Balls of deep fried dough dipped in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and/or walnuts.

*Vegetarian Item


Greek Coffee - $3.00
Short, Hot, Strong, & Caffeinated!
Frappe - $4.00
Blended coffee served over ice.
American Coffee - $1.00
NEW     Koulourakia - 2 for $3.00     NEW
Cinnamon* or Chocolate: Crisp, braided cookies.

*Vegetarian Item


Greek Beer: $7
Ouzo: $7
7 Star Metaxa: $10
Glass wine (red, white, or Retsina): $8
Bottle wine (red, white, or Retsina): $30
Loux Greek Soda: $4
Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite: $3
Water: $2
NEW   Specialty cocktail 'Greek Lemon Blast': $8   NEW






Unfortunately, prices on our products have increased due to rising food costs. Thank you for your understanding.